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3 Best Free Team Collaboration Apps which help Small Businesses & Individuals to Stay Productive in 2021

Looking for the best online team collaboration tools to boost your team’s productivity in 2021?

We got you as your search ends right here!

When you’re a business owner of SMEs, you’re expected to have all the answers, such as solving real-world problems, communicating with employees(1) and customers, marketing, operations, managing finances, and many such. 

There is no doubt that you’re continually finding ways to increase productivity while competing with big giants but with little manpower. So to make your life easier at work, you need the best collaboration apps which help in driving effective team culture and boost overall productivity. 

Collaboration apps allow users to manage the workflow by providing an online or intranet-based environment for teamwork and stay focused at work.

What are you looking for in Collaboration Apps?

  • Is it affordable?
  • Easy to use.
  • Can scale with your business to the next level.
  • Great customer service in need of assistance.
  • Have an impact on all the functions.

Especially, when it is a small business and scaling, you want to find the best collaboration app for your team and pay as little as possible.

Fortunately, some of the most popular team collaboration tools(2) in the market space offer free plans, and we did our best to find a few that give you the most without spending a dime!

Best Free Collaboration Apps for your Small Business

Here are the 3 best free collaboration apps for your small business.

1. Hashdone

If you are looking out to collaborate on projects and bring tremendous output to the organization through effective team collaboration, consider Hashdone, a Free-forever team collaboration app that enables teams and individuals to collaborate and get more work done together

Features your Team would Love:

A. Chat

People can’t collaborate if they don’t communicate. Hashdone, helps you to interact with your colleagues instantly and make decisions together

  • Stay in sync with your teams on the go
  • One to One and Group Chat
  • Seamless Team communication 
B. Files Sharing

Make the right decisions by attaching unlimited files, images, and links relevant to the conversation.

  • Attach files to any tasks.
  • Quickly access files and documents
  • Unlimited space 
C. Tasks

Assign tasks with clear responsibilities so that you cannot miss a detail and meet deadlines of the work.

  • Add everything that needs to be done.
  • Start and due dates for ToDo’s
  • Team and Personal Tasks
  • Recurring tasks with remainders
D. Boards

Create Boards and invite relevant members on the same page. Stay in sync with projects and teams.

E. Share Your Thoughts and brainstorm :
  • Instantly share your thoughts, quotes, ideas, and many.
  • Appreciate Team members & share milestones on the newsfeed
  • React to any trending buzz on social media.


Everything is 100% Free & unlimited– Not just a try!

2. Notion

Notion, is an all-in-one online workspace(3) that accommodates powerful tools for notes, tasks, wikis, and databases for document collaboration. With Notion, you can easily create interconnected team wiki pages, share teams or tribes knowledge using documents, and collaborate on tasks on-the-go using Kanban-type boards.

Collaboration Features:

  • Documents: Create unlimited document pages through collaboration. Build a team wiki using pages, or use it to share project knowledge and required information. 
  • Boards: Create boards & work together with your team on tasks. Visually manage your team’s workflow and check the status update on the progress of the tasks. 
  • File sharing: Upload unlimited files on your documents and share them with your team in real-time.
  • Calendar: Plan your team’s schedule on a shared calendar without looking for a separate calendar.


Notion, pricing model has a free personal plan which gives access to unlimited pages & blocks, Shares with 5 guests, sync across devices. The team plan costs around $8 per user per month. 

3. Chanty

Chanty(4) is a great online collaboration app that allows you to chat & collaborate with your teams and get more things done together.

Collaboration Features:

  • Stay organized with a Team book at your fingertips.
  • Create, assign and manage tasks and stay productive.
  • Kanban board view to optimize your workflow.
  • An instant voice message, audio calls, and more. 
  • Unlimited file storage and integrations.

Hopefully, it might be a Slack, an alternative(5) because it is very fast and can accommodate unlimited search history. 


Chanty, pricing model has free and up to $3 per user/ month.

Working together can be enjoyable, have fun and stay productive often when we have the right team collaboration apps in the first place.

And remember, choose the tools wisely that suits your business needs. 

Happy Team Collaborating! 😊

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